Lecherous Honey
adapted by Megan Breen
from Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts

Director/Puppetry Design: Chris Garcia Peak
Playwright: Megan Breen
Producing Director: Sarah Jackson
Scenic Designer: Brandin Hurley
Sound Designer: Matt Reich
Costume Designer: Robert S. Kuhn
Lighting Designer: Jessica Doyle
Dramaturg: Katie Hemingway
Stage Manager:
Rose Hamill
Assistant Director:
Janie Killips
Assistant Dramaturg: Margaret Baughman
Assistant Stage Manager:
Hampton Cade
Intern/Hair and Makeup: Nick Spindler
Photography Styling: Heinrich Haley

Featuring: Meg Elliott, Isabella Karina Coelho, Benjamin Ponce, Curtis Dunn, Noah Lepawsky
& understudies Bethany Hart, Lara Dohner, & David Towne


Cock and Bull Theatre presents Lecherous Honey - a contemporary adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic 19th century play about societal taboos - Ghosts. The play is a site-specific promenade theatrical experience performed in multiple locations in Edgewater's Berger Park North Mansion (The Gunder House), a century-old historic mansion, allowing small audiences of no more than 25 to intimately access the secret world of the play, in a way becoming the very "ghosts" in Ibsen's source material. 

Read a bit of Margaret's take on New Play Development & Adaptations here.

October 21, 2017 - November 12, 2017 @ Berger Park