much ado
original text by William Shakespeare
fucked up by Margaret Baughman

What happens when the virgin isn't? 
Can families founded on ancient expectations adapt?
Where is loyalty's place in disaster?

Sometimes societal structures still keep Strong-Women-With-Agency down.

Originally part of the Winter 2016 Lab Series at The Theatre School at DePaul University, Margaret has looked to explore the way we have viewed sexuality and virginity throughout the years. Her revisions, though in some ways true to the text, are in conversation with Shakespeare's original work. There was a secondary workshop self-produced at Gorilla Tango Theatre in December 2016. 

some words on adaptation

by sarah whitcomb

"Much Ado About Nothing depicts Shakespeare’s time as a world in which a woman marries a man who slut-shames her, a daughter is owned and ruled by her father, and marriage is defined as the happy conclusion to a woman’s life.

To me, that paints a picture of society that looks nothing like the good ‘ole days. It paints an oppressive picture that has been seen time and time again by theatregoers. It paints a picture that needs to be fucked up a bit.

Shakespeare called out a message about his society, and our team is responding with a message about our society.

P.S. I have a spoiler alert: in our adaptation, Hero fucks Claudio."

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December 2016 Production Team

hero: rebecca keeshin
claudio: jack lancaster
chloe baldwin
benedick: tyler esselman
leonata: laura resinger
don pedro: margie muller
margaret: adien rivkin
antonia: gloria petrelli

director/choreographer: margaret baughman
assistant director/choreographer: sarah e. whitcomb
second assistant director: abbie o'donnell
fight choreographer:
chloe baldwin
dance captain: tyler esselman
stage manager: erin collins
assistant stage manager: liv hancock
production manager:
gracie meier
graphic design: mishari zambrano

december 1 2 8 & 9 at gorilla tango theatre

February 2016 Production Team

hero: chloe baldwin
claudio: connor bredbeck
beatrice/first watchman:
gail tierney
benedick/second watchman:
hampton cade
leonata: maddy mccluskey
don pedro/verges: elizabeth hampson
rebecca keeshin
don john/dogberry: ian miller
gracie meier

director/choreographer: margaret baughman
assistant director:
gracie meier
second assistant director: sarah e. whitcomb
dramaturg: spencer olson
fight choreographer:
chloe baldwin
stage manager: hannah greenspan
assistant stage manager: hannah kaplan
sound designer: connor wang
lighting designer: alex jonasse

february 19 20 & 21 at the theatre school at depaul university

Photos (above) were taken for February production by Siri Elena and for the December production by Gracie Meier. The promotional video (shot for the February production) was created by Julianna Donaher.